What is the badge for?

What is the badge for?

The badge is an extremely useful invention. Often, a badge is perceived simply as a convenient but insignificant element of a corporate identity or an event. In fact, this is not the case. The main purpose of the badge is to identify people who do not know each other, but, due to circumstances, must communicate. We need a badge so that your current and potential partners, clients, colleagues can distinguish you from the general mass of people and do not forget your name at the most inopportune moment.

For example, holding conferences or exhibitions is always accompanied by the issuance of badges to the participants. They are used not only by business people at exhibitions and other events, but also in their daily work by trade workers (salespeople, waiters, cashiers), security personnel, medical workers and other professionals who communicate with customers. Agree that there is nothing more pleasant for a person when he is called by name.

You can also perceive the badge as part of the company's corporate identity and be creative in the process of equipping your employees with badges, badges, which are often combined with a badge.

The simplest and most common badges are made of PVC film with a possible color design and are used as ordinary business cards (which indicate the necessary information) or passes, while plastic cards are best stored in rigid molded plastic badges.

Currently, the most common because of their low cost and ease of use are breast badges with a pocket for cards with text - paper or plastic rectangles with information printed on them. They usually contain the first and last name of the person being identified and the institution they represent. Sometimes this badge contains some additional information (position, logo). Sometimes includes a photograph of the carrier.

The production of original badges on an individual project has become widespread, which makes it possible to turn an attribute of business life into a work of art.

Our company specializes in the production of badges, in addition to a large number of ready-made badges, we can make them to order for the required mount, shape and size. Many years of experience and hundreds of thousands of manufactured products allow us to guarantee high quality and affordable prices, we should also not forget that all our products have been awarded the international quality and standardization mark ISO 9001: 2015

Despite the fact that a badge is often a one-time business and there are a great many varieties of badges. It is better to approach the choice responsibly, because, among other things, the image of the company or the event being held is formed from such trifles.

Our experts will help you choose the shape, density of the film and the size of the badge required from the products we have, or make it to your individual order.

Badges come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We also offer the opportunity to choose the thickness of the film from which the badge is made. So the front part of the badge can be made from a thicker film or from films of the same thickness. Can also be done with horizontal or vertical loading of business cards. In addition, there is a variety of attachment of badges to laces, through euro holes or standard attachments to neck laces.

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