Custom packaging bags from the manufacturer

Custom packaging bags from the manufacturer

Polypropylene bags are gaining popularity as a strong and stylish packaging for accessories, clothing and other products.

This type of packaging is used for both commercial and domestic purposes for storage and transportation of consumer goods and products. This type of product is used for packaging postcards, balloons, CDs, magazines, food, knitwear, computer accessories, shirts, souvenirs and many other products.

WFP Polymer has been manufacturing polypropylene bags for over 28 years, today we offer several types of packaging:

  • package without valve
  • package with valve and adhesive tape
  • package with Euro suspension and valve with adhesive tape

The advantages of our products are:

  • compliance with international standards ISO 9001: 2015,
  • safety, all packages are made of food polypropylene,
  • the transparent film protects production, but at the same time does not hide its appearance,
  • the fastener in a package can be an adhesive tape with the valve,
  • for storage of the subjects which demand a constant air exchange, can use polypropylene packing with perforation,
  • flexible and most loyal pricing policy

In our activity we always use high quality raw materials, which we process on modern professional equipment. We cooperate with domestic and foreign manufacturers and carry out delivery of orders across all Ukraine and abroad

We also carry out a full cycle of production of packages with a logo. We use the flexography method to apply corporate symbols, inscriptions and other elements on packages. This technology is to transfer the paint to the base directly from the mold, so the number of colors used here is limited.

At the request of the customer we can make packages under the necessary size and with drawing a logo, or without.

You can order from us any packing products of the necessary forms and the sizes with the logo.

You can get additional information by phone - (067) 380-40-47